About Our Coffee
Coffee doesn’t just power your day, it powers the global economy, and is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. It is grown in over 50 countries, and is produced almost exclusively in developing nations. At happy Joe, we source our beans directly from family owned farms around the world. Farms that practice traditional, old world cultivation methods, hand harvested and grown sustainably in naturally shaded areas. Working directly with growers ensures good wages, good workers, good working conditions, and places the focus on the quality of their coffee. Once received, the beans are blended, roasted in small batches, ground and packaged, ensuring every box is made from the freshest coffee. Our signature blend is a well-rounded coffee and includes beans from Central & South America. With layers of dried cranberry, dark brown sugar, and milk chocolate, its slightly darker profile makes it perfect for every day drinking.
Single Serve
CBD Coffee