Our Story

Drink Coffee. Get Happy.

At Happy Joe, we are first and foremost a coffee company. Our focus is on providing you with a flavorful, artisanal cup of coffee. But it’s our passion for wellness that sets us apart, and led us to create our signature CBD infused coffee.  A simple and convenient way for you to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your daily routine.
Happy Joe’s coffee beans are sourced through direct-trade relationships with growers.  A relationship that assures sustainability and profitability for farmers all over the world.  Our beans are roasted in small, made-to-order batches, then infused with nano-emulsified CBD, derived 100% from organically grown hemp.  It contains less than 0.3% THC and no synthetic or harmful solvents are used in the extraction process. Happy Joe is committed to quality and transparency.  Each batch of CBD is regularly tested by a third-party lab in order to ensure it is safe, and has the highest possible bioavailability.  At Happy Joe we care about the environment too!  Which is why our K-Cups are recyclable.
The combination of coffee and CBD creates a focused clean energy, without any of the negatives associated with caffeine consumption.  Happy Joe’s CBD coffee will help balance your body and mind, whether you are brewing it at home, or on the go!
Follow Our Journey
November 2014
Opened our first coffee shop, Joe Coffee, in the North Hollywood Arts District
June 2015
Our Breaking Bad mural goes viral, featured on The Chive.com
July 2017
Began our CBD program. We were the first coffee shop in LA to allow customers to add 20mg as an add-on to any beverage.
May 2018
Began R&D on CBD Infused Coffee for Retail
June 2018
completed our graffiti installation out front, solidified our branding
October 2018
Started catering focused on serving coffee beverages, including CBD infused lattes, cold brew, and coffee
January 2019
Catered an HBO marketing activation and served 2,000 CBD-infused cups of coffee and cold brew in Brooklyn, NY & Venice, CA
March 2019
Expanded catering division, purchased our custom trailer
June 2019
North Hollywood block fire causes us to temporarily close our shop
August 2019
Unveiled our CBD K-Cups as an exhibitor at Los Angeles Coffee Fest 2019
October 2019
We were the sole coffee & beverage provider at the Nights of the Jack, a month-long pumpkin patch in Calabasas, CA, which draws over 100,000 guests annually.
April 2020
Launched the Happy Joe brand and CBD infused coffee products.
June 2020
Expected reopening of Joe Coffee in North Hollywood.